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I subscribed to the Christian Breaking News. It's nice to read some good news . I reflect on the good things happening in the world all the time. I guess it depends what news you read. I see people praising God all the time, and glorifying Him.
With some people , all they want to see is the evil in the world, and they think that the evil is overcoming the good!

Well, that is not what the Bible says! (see Bible verses below)

Why The Word Is Getting Better and Not Worse

I subscribed to the Christian Breaking News. It's nice to read some good news . I reflect on the good things happening in the world all the time. I guess it depends what news you read. I see people praising God all the time, and glorifying Him.

With some people , all they want to see is the evil in the world, and they think that the evil is overcoming the good!

Well, that is not what the Bible says! (see Bible verses below)

I hate to disagree with people who insist that doomsday is just around the corner, but in my opinion...let's face it, the 20th century was so full of that garbage that It got most of the world on anti-depressant drugs, spawned countless anti-system religious cults, and more apocalyptic movies to make your stomach turn, not to mention Science fiction stories that challenge the imagination.

I think this End-time teaching and apocalyptic mind set has done more damage than good. What's good about it? Nothing , really!
Some of the damage it has done to people is to instill in them fear, and take away the reason for living a happy healthy and prosperous life here and now, and prepare your kids for the future!

The only good I can see in... it... is... if... it... is... leading some people to Christ. At least it would have some justification. Better to come to God through fear then not at all. "Some save by fear pulling them out of the fire" and I don't think that is talking about the fires of hell either.

I think it is talking about the fires of their trials and tribulations, the purging of their life, the crushing and bruising. "It pleased the Lord to bruise Him" Talking about Jesus. Well, the Lord sometimes has to teach us the hard way when we refuse to learn the easy way. He said" my yoke is easy and my burden is light", but when we reject the easy yoke of Jesus and His light burden, we automatically, by default, are reverted back to the hard way, the hard yoke and heavy burden, by default, as a reaping of what we sowed, because of a refusal to accept the Lord and the gentle teaching of the Holy Spirit.

It also instills a sort of passive attitude-just a "Que Sera ,Sera, Whatever will be will be" lackadaisical attitude in people; that "Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die" "live for today and yourself" selfish attitude.

Among Christians it minimizes the power of God and prayer to change things. The Bible says that the effectual and fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, it accomplishes much, but with the doomsday , end time attitude and mind set, what is there that we can change?

Having this "time of the end" paradigm also minimizes people's ability to visualize what a wonderful, beautiful world we live in, that God gave us.

Yes it may be true that mankind needs to learn how to take care of this earth better, and we need to learn to take care of each other better too, but as far a mention of God, you just have to look at the right places.

Even after Hurricane Ike's destruction, people are glorifying God that it wasn't worse and more people didn't least that is what I read.
Even after a disaster, you can pick up the pieces and start all over again, it isn't the end of the world as they say.

It may be the end of some people's world or the world or situation they were used to living in before, so of course the sense of disaster is amplified in the victims, and they focus on their disrupted life styles, and become negative about the world in general.

I hate to say this but I really don't know how you can say "everything we see and hear is without reference to Him and His creation" , it sounds so negative. Who is we? there are a great deal of people out there who are very very thankful for God 's love and mercy, and mention it all the time.

Behind every cloud there is a silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel, there is always a bright side!
So why don't you subscribe to the good news instead of the daily depressing news that is designed to make you feel so low you can scratch a worm's ankle?

The sweet sweet by and by is great and when Jesus appears again and all that is terrific, but what about all of His appearances today? All the Muslims getting saved and many of the flesh children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, getting turned on to Jesus....

To give you some examples of good Godly encouraging news, there are some sites with good news about just a few things God is doing in the world from Breaking Christian News which you can subscribe to if you like.

This is not even scratching the surface of the things God is doing in people's lives all over the world.
If you subscribe you can get this good news and more everyday in your e mail box.

It helps me to remember I am living in a wonderful world as I see these blessings being poured out on people.
Sure there is a lot of suffering , I know, but there is also a lot of surcease from pain too.

“Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life” (Proverbs 4:23 AMP).
The scripture also says:
Phl 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.
AND let us not forget about this one too....Rom 12:21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
So it is any wonder why if we go around thinking about all the evil in the world instead of all the goodness of God, we will begin to see more evil than good?
Also, the spiritual war is mostly in our minds:

2Cr 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare [are] not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
2Cr 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

It's like when something is toxic, it’s poisonous; it can destroy you. I went through this so many times in TF, thinking that Time Of The End perspective on the world and looking more at the evil than good.
That is why a lot of us joined TF, we were persuaded that in The Family we would find all good, when staying "in the world" we would be miserable.

I know that when I go around dwelling on the wrong thoughts, thinking about what I can’t do or don't have, how I’ll never get ahead, those thoughts are toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts left alone become like toxic waste that sinks into your heart. It will eventually contaminate your whole life. It affects your self-image. It affects your attitude, your level of confidence, and ultimately, your success. That’s why the scripture says to guard your heart because the condition of your heart and mind determine the condition of your whole life.

So when I am attacked by negative thoughts and tempted to look more on the evil than the good, I know I have to make the decision to detox any negative, self-defeating thoughts by meditating on God’s promises instead. I alone can make the decision to detox bitterness, detox low self-esteem, detox negative words that may have been spoken over me, detox condemnation.

I have to decide to believe what God says about me. God says, “You are forgiven.” God says, “Your best days are in front of you.” God says, “I’ll restore the years that the enemy has stolen.” And I know that if I detox my mind and fill your thoughts with His promises, I’ll see His hand of blessing on my life. I rise up higher, and am able to live a victorious life God has for me instead of a defeated one.

Of course, many people have their own doctrines and they love what they believe, or they paid a lot of money for it. It makes them feel good.
I don't really like arguing, it can get unpleasant, I mean if you like your doctrine and it works for you, it works in your intellect, and it works in your world, then keep it for you if it helps you to cope with life.

Now if you were just momentarily reflecting on these thoughts about the problems in the world the how they are getting worse and worse, and how Jesus is supposed to come back to solves them all, in one fell swoop, because you are a firm believer in the Futurist view of Bible prophecy, and you are wondering how it is all going to fit in, that is that same way I believed in TF, because of all that
End-time confusion. This "we don't know what's going to happen this year" or "this must be it!" but it never happening was the worse thing because it meant that there is nothing you can do to prevent those events from happening, no matter how much you try to change the world and contribute, its all coming to an end there is no sense in doing anything for the future because it is all going to blow up anyway!

That mind set gave me a passive attitude, that no matter what I did to change the world or try to make a difference in the world, it would all happen as the Mo Letters said it would, not as the Bible said it would, So the best we could do was go witnessing and warn the world with this time of the End message, and hope they get saved out of fear.

We were saving the world, but then the world could not be saved....what a paradox we were living. What a dilemma. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, not to end the world in judgment. He said that Himself. "I came not to judge the world" "I came not to take life, but to give life"

I don't like to really emphasize the evil in the world, and so I can't accept and teach that world is getting worse.

Isn't that what a lot of the politicians do? They blow the problems up all out of proportion, and produce the answers, just so people will vote for them and accept their leadership. Sometimes they even create the problems so that the people will grow dependent upon them, and will think they cannot do with out them.

That is the kind of dependency I think Family members have on what they read in their publications.
Wouldn't it be better to depend upon the Lord?

That's why he emphasized Maria as the "End time prophetess!"" Who will feed the sheep" after he was gone. So he had a lot of foresight knowing that he needed someone who would stick to his doctrines to take over instead of his own children, who were going astray from them, so David Berg knew he could not trust his own flesh and blood children with leadership.

If we emphasize the bad side of everything, most of the world leaders, and constantly expound upon how terrible the world is, and that the world was evil and bad, how can we change it heart to heart if it is doomed?.

But wait a minute! I thought that Jesus was going to change it when He comes back to get us, and then comes back again in the Armageddon you can get this concept just by going to Matthew 24, this part of this verse here, and you can go to Thessalonians to this part of this verse and then go to Ist Corinthians 15 to this part of this verse, and go back to Daniel " and 7 to these parts of these verses, and then skip ahead to Revelation and this part of this verse and that verse, and create your cut and paste end-time science fiction novel, or you can read the Bible in its context, the way it was intended to be read by the God who wrote it.

Now if you want to study about Angels, you can do a topical study with any one of a number of Bible programs or look up the word angel yourself in a word search, to read all about angels in the Bible.

There are singular verses that can stand on their own as Jesus showed when He quoted some to Satan in the wilderness, to His disciples and to the pharisees. Paul and Peter also quoted many verses from the Old testament as did John and James. But they were not taken out of context to teach some new sensational doctrine that an antichrist is coming and that Jesus is going to come once, to take us away then He is going to come back again with us on white horses to conquer the antichrist, unless you take the whole book of Revelations as literal.

But then again it makes no mention as to when this is supposed to happen. In the book of Revelation, there is no chronological order as to these events all happening in sequence. Also, by the tone of the author, John, we can understand that he was not speaking to an unseen imaginary group of specially selected prophets 2000 years from then, but to the Churches which were in Asia as is specified at the beginning of the book in the first three chapters.

You will still be reading it in its original context, and see that there are angels and what their functions were , by reading it. The same thing with God, or Jesus. You just read about that subject, all the Bible has to say about it. That's not creating a doctrine, thats just reading what the Bible says about a topic.

But when you say, "let's do a study on the antichrist" and then go here and there hailing verses out of their context that have nothing whatsoever to do with an antichrist, and don't even mention the word, and the only very few verses that have the word "antichrist" in it are found in 1st and 2nd John, and say nothing about a world dictator coming 2000 years from then, something is fishy don't you think?
It talks about a "beast" and a "mark" and a "false prophet" in Revelations, and in Daniel it talks about a similar beast, so they put these together and tell you "oh, that's the antichrist" and so you just believe what you were taught that this beast and this antichrist are one and the same, when the Bible never mentions such a world dictator. It just says beast, and he will have power, but it says nothing about the time of the end.

Yes there are words like, "end of days" "latter days" "afterwards" etc, but the Bible never uses the words "End-time, and only uses "time of the end" 5 times in the book of Daniel only.
You'd think that a topic like "The Antichrist" and "Endtime" would be such a major thing containing such important warnings and prophecies and teachings for all of humanity that most of the Bible would contain explicit messages and directions as to how to deal with this era of world history, in detail, but there isn't any such direction or consistent in context messages in the Bible describing this period of history. Wonder why not?
Because there isn't going to be any such future end-time so called "events" happening and God didn't plan any.
Time will go on and there is no "end-time".

If there was, surely the God of Love would have given us clear, explicit warning of it, and would have had a prophet in every generation proclaim it, instead of man having to try to figure it all out through his intellect, and deciphering of secret codes and mysteries in the scriptures, as if God Himself was playing some kind of hide and seek game with us, and hiding this important information from us out of fun, just because He likes to see us seek and search and go crazy trying to figure it all out like I remember I was taught to do.

You can surely read many prophecies in the Old & New testament and interpret them as talking about this generation, but that would be your interpretation or someone else's that you are echoing.

There is more in the Bible about the world continuing on with no end or even interruption, and God's Word spreading all around the world, and the goodness of God and how God is going to keep us and prosper us on this earth indefinitely, than there is about an end-time antichrist and the end of the world.

God made a beautiful , beautiful world for us to care for and keep. Man doesn't always do his part, but in a lot of places he does and is.

Here are some secular sites with information as to how the world is becoming a better place, as opposed to the doomsday theories commonly
being taught, even in many Christian churches.

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